The wording of your website will make or break the way search engines rank you, and the way customers respond to your offerings.



We design attractive, exciting websites that will keep your visitors looking at your offerings longer, and keep them coming back.



Our websites are responsive to any device out there, they work properly, and display quickly, bringing us to our next point.



When your website ranks well in searches and causes your visitors to respond to your offerings, your website is a success.

about us

The EXPERIENCED web firm

We've been building websites to serve Ottawa and all of Eastern Ontario for over twenty years. By using authored html, (rather than generated) your website will load faster, rank higher, and be more unique.

The time-tested method of authoring code results in faster pages which function correctly. This results in a higher-ranking website that more people may find, and which will work on virtually any browser or device out there.

Since 1996, we've been hand-authoring web pages to serve clients all over North America. We prefer to serve customers located in Eastern Ontario. Whether your business is located in Alexandria, Arnprior, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall, Gananoque, Kemptville, Kingston, Merrickville, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough, Renfrew or Smiths Falls, we can build you a fast loading, custom, responsive website that will bring your business the attention it deserves.


We service all of Eastern Ontario. Don't let your location stop you from contacting us. We'd love to provide you with a no-obligation quote, without further marketing hassles.


This is what we do. Fast, Effective, Beautiful and Affordable websites that rank well in the search engines and bring you new business. This is our goal for each of our clients.


Every website must be hosted in order to be available to visitors. Webberman offers high quality hosting, with a shared IP address which we own, on fast, Toronto-based servers.


When you add up all of the things we do, you can be assured that your website will be a success. What do we mean by that? We build your website to bring you business, and more of it!



The main advantage to choosing us to develop your website using professional html, css and js code. We NEVER generate code!

Generated code often results in serious problems. It may be bloated code the search engines can't read, or sites that display wrong or don't work properly on all devices. For example, Wordpress plugins are often developed by hobbyists, and there is no support available when things stop working.

Because all of our code is professionally authored, there is nothing to break down. There is no platform it runs on, other than your browser. But this is only one of the many reasons to choose us.


  • Website pages are authored, not merely generated
  • Authored code means your website will load fast
  • Authored code means your website will rank high
  • Your website will pass Google's important mobile-friendly test
  • Your website will be attractive and user-friendly
  • Wording on your website will entice customers to make a purchase
  • We are a Canadian developer, hosting websites in a Canadian data centre.


The following graphs illustrate what we are best at. All are cruicially important when having a website developed, yet few firms offer all of them in as high a degree of competency as Webberman can.

Website Design

Website Funcionality

Website Copy




Oxy-Arc International

Website Development


Website Development

Bee Real Products

Website Development

Jamming 4 Hospice

Website Development


Website Development

Latreille Electric

Website Development

Cornett Communications

Website Development

Creation Workshop

Website Development

Levac Docks & Lifts

Website Development

Ready or Naught

Website Development

Spine Care Plus

Website Development

Children's Treatment Centre

Website Development

LeBlanc Roofing

Website Development

Above and Beyond Spa

Website Development

John Lister Photography

Website Development


Front End Development

Totally Blasted

Website Development

Accesoware Computers

Website Development

Cornwall Wedding Photos

Website Development

Photo Dreams

Website Development

Wheels for the Wise

Website Development

Baldachin Inn

Website Development


Website Development

Lister Photos

Website Development

Shaawinihan Outfitters

Website Development

Cornwall Regional Physiotherapy

Website Development


Website Development

Mermaid Canada

Website Development

The Stake Fire Grill

Website Development


Useful Information about the Web

Web Builders


Fraudsters faking popularity.

Web Builders


Hire a professional, or do it yourself?

Bad Hosting

Part II

Why cheaper isn't usually better.


We looked at the Rolls Royce of all websites.


Is doing it yourself the best approach?


Even though everyone else is using it!


Webberman blends design with development, copy with graphics, functionality with fun.

Isn't it time you had a world class website? Contact us below to get started!



Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns...

  • Ottawa and Eastern Ontario
  • 613 935 9719
  • john@webberman.net

Terms and Conditions - The Fine Print

Our Policies and Terms of Use

Web Development
Webberman.ca, otherwise referred to as "we" or "us", reserve the right to refuse or terminate a customer relationship at any time, and for any reason. This protects other clients who are sharing the same server space, and also entitles us to choose who we wish to have as clients. For example, we refuse to develop websites with pornographic or illegal content, or those that promote hate.

Web Hosting
We host websites for our own clients, to have a place where the website we have developed may be hosted in a secure, fast environment. As an additional security measure, all of our clients' websites share a common IP address which we have purchased in order to eliminate potential problems which may happen with a shared hosting environment. For this reason, we do not make our website hosting available to third party web developers, as that could open a door that could adversely affect all of our clients on our shared IP address.

If for any reason you wish to terminate your ongoing hosting with us, we require a minimum thirty (30) days notice BEFORE your billing period arrives. This is because we are passing on savings by having each client pre-pay their hosting for one year terms. Because of this, no refunds are available for early cancellation. If we don't hear from you by the end of each year, we renew the hosting and bill one month in advance. If we are also renewing your domain each year, the same holds true. You cannot cancel AFTER we have renewed it, and if you fail to cancel in time, you will still be required to pay for the coming year.

Privacy Policy
Our customers' business and their dealings with us is their own business. We will never share any knowledge or other information about any client with anyone else, and all email addresses are never used for marketing or any other purpose. We don't even keep your passwords on file, to increase security and respect privacy. We do have the right to add new websites we have developed to our portfolio. This is the only way anyone will see that you have dealt with us to develop your website.

Website Development Charges
We will discuss your website needs and offer a quote. Providing you do not change or add to what we discussed, we will honor the quoted amount in all cases. We do require a 50% deposit in order to get started on your website. As we progress, we will show you how it is coming along, in order to provide you with a way to request changes as your website is built. In some cases, we may request an interim payment, especially if a lot of work is required, or if you have added to the original amount of work required. If this happens, we will quote for the completion cost and may ask for an interim payment. Once complete (or nearly complete) we will invoice you for the balance. Because some business owners stall the completion by being slow to provide the final information, we will consider your website "completed" once it is able to be put online. If there are a few additional items to complete, we will do so with no further charge, providing they are things that we had originally quoted on.

Accuracy and Liability
Although we pay great attention to accuracy, some mistakes may happen from time to time. Your only recourse is to let us know if we have made an error or omission, and we will correct it as fast as possible. For example, if we update your website with a wrong price, our only responsibility will be to correct the error in a timely manner.

Third Party Content
In some cases, we will be asked to create a website that uses some content from a third party. For example, a real estate website may show a feed from a third party which shows their listings, or the weather may be shown through a third party source. If a third party discontinues a page or application, we have no control over it, other than to remove the feature, unless there is an updated version provided to us. Also, any links to outside websites are outside of our control, and we cannot guarantee other website page addresses won't change. If you let us know, we will try and find an updated link, or we can remove the link from your website until you can provide us with an updated one.

Intellectual Property
When we are sent content from a client, we assume they are the copyright owners, or have a license to use such materials. If we are approached for using someone else's copyrighted content, which you have provided to us, our only responsibility will be to remove said content from your website. We have access to image libraries, so before you send a photo you found on Google, perhaps we can find one that has copyright clearance to be used on your website. The same stipulation applies to video or any other content you might ask us to include on your website.

When we develop your website, we are the copyright holders for the coding and structural elements. We grant you a licence to use that code as a part of your website, while you retain copyright of all of your own content. For this reason, you may not sell, give, or share our code with another party, or use it to create another website without our consent.